Minimum height for children is 120 cm. Children 14 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult.



Some clothing such as survival suits, life jackets and running goggles, we can lend to our customers. What is used depends on the weather on the day of the trip. It is important to wear some clothing, this also depends on the season. But you always need steady and good footwear, the rest depends on the season and the weather.

High heels are not allowed / suitable.


Behaviour in the boat

All passengers must be seated during the trip and must comply with all safety regulations. Please pay attention to all signs onboard the vessel and follow all commands given by the Captain.

If the boat is running faster than 5 knots, everyone should be seated. During heavier waves, there may be a need to stand in order to cushion landings with legs.

Always listen to what the Captain says, as this will contribute to increased safety.


Smoking and fire hazard

There is NO SMOKING, use of fire on the dock or on board.

This applies to both passengers and crew.


Health and sea rafting

If you are concerned about your health, you should consult your primary care physician before engaging in sea rafting. If any of the following conditions apply to you, we recommend that you see your PCP before entering the vessel.


Back injuries

Knee injury

Poor general health condition

We can customize our driving pattern for those who still wish to participate, but we do not want you to participate in anything that causes further damage and problems later.

Please inform the boat owner of any additional concerns that you may have.


Alcohol and sea rafting

We have a very low tolerance for alcohol onboard, all passengers whom the Captain considers to be too drunk will be left behind.

On trips where food is served, alcohol is usually offered with the food, but as a passenger you should not consume alcohol excessively, as this will inhibit your ability to function.

Those who are going to a bachelor parties are advised to take the drink after the boat trip, as it is both dangerous and difficult to go water skiing after consuming alcohol.

 Again, it is the Captain who has the last word if there is someone who is visibly drunk before departure.